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Visit This Weekend!

Its Here!! National Alpaca Farm Days weekend

To celebrate were open this weekend Sept 25th & Sept 26th from 9am to 4pm each day. No charge to come take our self guided info tour amongst the alpacas. Learn all about alpacas, shearing and what we make with their luxurious fiber.

We have a fun Scavenger Hunt for kids - be sure to get the ‘Map’ at our Info table for clues that will keep them learning and investigating while here :) Everyone gets a sticker at the end!

Dyepot will be brewing… come see what colors Wendy is cooking up for alpaca yarn.

We are thrilled to be hosting local artisans, as well as our farm grown alpaca yarn and products.

Feeling Artsy??? On SUNDAY Check out the Painting With The Pacas Pop UP Booth! Check facebook page or our Store page for details. No appointment needed, but you can reserve in advance.

COVID 19 Considerations:
We respect COVID 19 and would like to keep it away from all of us! We will be entirely outdoors in a non-crowded space for Alpaca Farm Days - we have hand sanitizing stations, wipes, disposable masks and lots of open air to distance from others.

Questions? Text 928-848-0267
*Please contact us for accomodating any doggies coming with you, we do not allow any animals out amongst our herd.

National Alpaca Farm Days Scene
Schedule a private ARTing party!

We make Exquisite Yarns!

Now entering our 22nd year of raising alpacas, we continue to grow in our knowledge of natural fiber farming. Wendy has spent many years as a Director for the Alpaca Breeders of Arizona affiliate, and was elected to the national Alpaca Owners Association Board of Directors in 2019. Wendy is now an advocate for alpacas, and their care.

Here at Peaceful Prairie Ranch we utilize a sustainable farming module with organic practices employed. We appreciate the popularity of growing natural fibers, and really love the type of farming we do growing natural fiber. In recent years, we've watched a leap forward in the genetic improvement of the North American alpaca herd, and boy, are we seeing the results here! Were focusing on fleece uniformity and density in our herd which will yield a sustainable annual clip to operate on the cottage and future commercial market. By utilizing scientific measurements, we have the proof in reporting of our elite fiber qualities!

Our location really is a 'peaceful prairie' when you sit and look over the alpacas in their very own Arizona version of the 'Altiplano'. Our mile-high elevation lends itself to suit the alpacas just perfect. We have warm sunny days and nice cool nights - with very cold winters in a dry climate - just like the alpacas native lands in South America. While we like the 'dry' climate for lack of parasites etc., we do feel a little jealous of those farms with lush green pastures - guess we can't have everything! We really couldn't think of a more perfect environment to raise alpacas than right here.

Here at Peaceful Prairie Ranch you will find excellent show-quality alpacas, foundation breeding stock and, quality fiber animals. We strive to help our buyers easily transition into farming by helping them to set shearing, assist with questions and whatever is needed to get comfortable with the immense learning curve farm operations throw at us - from feed to breeding to birthing.

Wendy has always been involved in the alpaca industry by volunteering and attending regular continuing education events to help understand and best manage the herd here. Dusty is the expert biologist of the farm, having his Masters in Environmental Policy - together we have a keen interest in rangeland management, forages and natural dye plants. Producing a climate beneficial wool of the highest quality is our farm’s goal and we’re proud of what we’re producing!

Please 'graze on over' to our website at to read more about our farm and history. We love what we do and look forward to talking with you.

Selling alpacas to the trade and new farms that are in it for the long haul only - NO ALPACA FLIPPING here! Wendy now offers New Owner consulting and business planning for success - interested - Call or Text @ 928-848-0267