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Sunday, November 12, 2017

BabyWatch Blog: Meet ‘Lucky Guy’

Hi. New Guy here... today another new guy arrived, The Lady is calling him ‘Lucky Guy’ because.... well.... he is lucky he got himself out. He needed a little help, but like I heard them say “alls well that ends well”. He was one of those babies that has a big head that the mom can hardly squeeze out. And he was rude to start the whole birthing thing at 3pm. Everything else was perfect, he had his legs and head all right there (The Lady is super glad he had read the manual) but his mom just couldnt get it all out very easily. She started to bleed and the lady knew what to do. Lucky guy was Lucky because Mr and Mrs Bowman were there and they helped with stuff, but what was more fun was the interesting discussions I heard on something called ‘dilation’. But we wont go there...

Anyways, Lucky Guy has the people laughing because he came from a beige mom and a beige dad (dad is Trapper who has blue and purple ribbons) and The Lady really really really wants a beige alpaca baby, but.... you know how this goes, right? ‘Lucky Guy’ is like... all fawn colors swirled like Tye Dye. He is bizzare. We assume he is an artist type and might not be into all the wrestling me and Tall Guy do. We will see. More tomorrow.... I gotta run. The Lady is coming with dumb baby pajamas!