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The whole gang on shearing day 2018 The whole gang on shearing day 2018

Accepting Boarders

Alpaca Boarding

Pricing: $80-$90 per month for regular boarding.
$40 per month cria Birth-6 months of age.
$120 for 'special'' medical care boarding.

Cria birthing for boarders is INCLUDED!
Cria vitamin paste, shots, probiotic etc. INCLUDED
Cria jacketing in winter INCLUDED
All Alpacas Vitamin paste, CDTs, routine random fecals INCLUDED
Xtra feed as needed INCLUDED

We will not 'nickel and dime' our boarders. Ever. We consider you part of the TEAM and appreciate all that our boarder/owners contribute. We welcome you to contact our references listed below (past and current boarders are listed) to discuss how easy it is to board at Peaceful Prairie Ranch. Regardless of where you decide to park your alpacas BE SURE TO CONTACT REFERENCES.

Payments can be made by check, CC/Debit card or Paypal
Call for Details: 928-848-0267

Service Description

2020 - Accepting Boarders

We've been 'full' for some time, but would like to open up Boarding Services again for any alpaca owners that meet our rigorous standards :)
*Must love dirt, sometimes mud.
*Must love farm messes ... like fiber projects everywhere!
*Must have alpacas sheared annually, as we do not want animals with heat stress in summer!

If that sounds good to you, then we may be your place! We are Mile-High elevation in Prescott Valley, Arizona and enjoy 4 seasons, and cool temps with warm days just like the alpacas native home on the Altiplano. We have some snow in winter. We have mud at times. We have dry dirt the rest of the time. That's great for easy care and lack of parasite issues with the animals. That's not great for grazing. We feed Colorado grown Orchard grass hay. We add in pellets and alfalfa where needed.

Along with the best free-choice mineral blend (Stillwater 104) in each pen, we will add alfalfa as needed and alpaca pellets. We are into Vitamins and believe in supplementing for the best fiber possible. We eyeball every single alpaca daily and know our herd very well. Just ask for references! We will do anything necessary for any alpaca here. We attend continuing medical education annually and Wendy is certainly known for a vast base of knowledge when it comes to alpacas. We don't fuss 'too much', or employ old wives tales as a guide. Medicine needs to make sense... and we certainly know when to call on the awesome team of large animal Veterinarians at Prescott Animal Hospital - Equine Center. We have an awesome Vet relationship and resource very close by.

We feel alpacas can be trained and easy to handle, however we don't expect them to act like anything but ALPACA

Terms of Service

Lisa Beatty - Rockstar Alpacas, CA 831-212-3695
Charlene Schmid - Integrity Alpacas, CA 530-400-2684
Melissa Reeder - Apple Mountain Alpacas, GA 678-852-4556
Curt and Nancy Gedney - Hummingherd Alpacas, IA 208-577-8899
Sherri and Kenny Bowman - Mystic Reign Alpacas 928-533-1304
Jane and Ron Reed - Suri Haven 402-314-1323
Lori and Kirk Robinson - Sugar Sand Alpacas 602-427-8862
Sharon Travis - Dreamweaver Alpacas - 775-4669
Deb Hill - Cloud Dancer Alpacas - 406-366-0108
Vet Reference: Mike Cissell, DVM, MS, DAVCS-LA 928-776-7669